Dr. Arpad Fejos

Local Leader For Leading Edge Non-Surgical Treatment Of Chronic Knee Pain

Dr. Arpad Fejos of Orthopedic Associates of Middletown is an expert in radiofrequency ablation

Osteoarthritis of the knee is result of the wear and tear of the natural cushion between the affected joints, also known as cartilage. Sufferers experience chronic pain, swelling and decreased mobility and many try injectable corticosteroids treatments and physical therapy, but with only limited success.
Often it seems as if surgery is the only effective option—but there are many patients who wish to avoid that. Now they can, with a new non-surgical, non-narcotic option.

Dr. Arpad Fejos, a physiatrist at Orthopedic Association of Middletown, has been very successful using radiofrequency ablation, a new minimally invasive technique that has the possibility of reducing chronic knee pain without injections or surgery. “I pinpoint their problem and help them control their pain without drug dependency,” says Dr. Fejos. “That’s my goal. People need to live full, active lives. They deserve nothing less.”
Radiofrequency ablation is an injection procedure that targets the specific sensory nerves that innervate the painful knee. It uses a current of high frequency to heat and the nerve tissue with the goal of interrupting pain signals to the brain. Although it doesn’t cure osteoarthritis, it offers an alternative treatment to patients who can’t have a knee replacement surgery.
A growing number of chronic knee pain sufferers, having recently heard about the innovative technique on television and in the press, inquired about it at OAM. Dr. Fejos is at the forefront of its usage and offers radiofrequency ablation at all three OAM facilities, in Middletown, Marlborough, and Westbrook.
Chronic knee pain—one of the most frequent orthopedic complaints from adults nationwide—can be treated with physical therapy, steroids, or in the most severe cases, knee surgery. Dr. Fejos’ devotion to non-surgical options is traceable to a personal story from his youth. He injured his knee playing high school sports and was told by his family physician that he would require surgery. Unsatisfied and unwilling, he asked for other options and was referred to a physiatrist (a physician who specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation). When his non-surgical treatment ended he not only was able to return to the sports he loved, but was also certain of his future career path.
Today, in addition to treating chronic knee pain, Dr. Fejos specializes in the non-surgical treatment of back and neck conditions, performs X-ray guided spinal injections, spine injections, percutaneous laser disc decompressions, and other advanced procedures. “I appreciated the non-surgical and non-narcotic approach that enabled my swift recovery when I was a teenager,” he says. “I want to help patients just as I was helped. I am passionate about what I do, and make sure my patients have the same passion and dedication to getting better that I have for them.” As a result, he makes certain to forge a perfect match between his professional goals and the recovery needs of each and every patient.
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