Our Physician Assistants

Erika Skinnon, P.A.-C.

Vice President of Clinical Services

Nicole Davis, P.A.-C.

Christopher German, P.A.-C.

Kristy Zerfass, P.A.-C.

Andrew McNamee, P.A.-C.

Kevin Belanger P.A.-C.

Lindsey Carrier P.A.-C.

We are now offering self-scheduling with our Physicians. Click Here to schedule an appointment

URGENTORTHO - Please note our hours have changed for Middletown - Effective 11/12/20 the new hours are 8-5 pm.

Walk-ins only accepted in Middletown and Westbrook - Click here for Office Policies Relating to COVID-19
Effective 1/14/21 We will no longer be accepting cash. We will only be accepting credit cards and checks.