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“Following a gymnastics injury that my daughter suffered, I didn’t have to think twice; I immediately brought her to the same place where I was treated,”
- Middletown Mayor Dan Drew stressing the quality of patient care shown by all OAM associates.

Dr. Terry Reardon Continues to Win Both Patient and Professional Accolades:

A Testimony to Over 20 Years of Treating Patients from Head to Toe

Dr. Terry Reardon is fellowship trained in sports medicine and has over 20 years of experience in primary and complex joint replacement procedures. He has been named a CT magazine ‘TOP DOC’ for five years in a row. His expertise extends beyond sports medicine and joint replacements into total patient care. He is known in the community as a compassionate physician who takes time to listen and empathize with his patients while considering all therapeutic options available, surgical and non-surgical. He has returned patients to pain free lifestyles for more than 23 years and has performed over 14,000 surgical procedures on the shoulders, hands, hips and knees. Read More...

Dr. Terry Reardon Continues to Win Both Patient and Professional Accolades

When a Sense of Urgency Meets URGENTOrtho:

Meet the OAM professionals who saved one important day—and made all the others just as pain-free

The joys of grandparenthood are many—and attending a grandchild’s wedding is certainly one of them. Which is why when Sara Paley began experiencing severe knee pain just weeks before the ceremony, the first (and only) name that popped into her head was Orthopedic Associates of Middletown.

Dr. Thomas Larson, an orthopedic specialist at OAM, gave Sara the ability to enjoy herself immensely at the glorious affair—though when she first arrived at OAM’s URGENTOrtho center in Middletown, she had no clue whether or not that would ultimately be the case. Read More...

Local Leader For Leading Edge Non-Surgical Treatment Of Chronic Knee Pain

Local Leader For Leading Edge Non-Surgical Treatment Of Chronic Knee Pain

Dr. Arpad Fejos of Orthopedic Associates of Middletown is an expert in radiofrequency ablation

Osteoarthritis of the knee is result of the wear and tear of the natural cushion between the affected joints, also known as cartilage. Sufferers experience chronic pain, swelling and decreased mobility and many try injectable corticosteroids treatments and physical therapy, but with only limited success. Often it seems as if surgery is the only effective option—but there are many patients who wish to avoid that. Now they can, with a new non-surgical, non-narcotic option.

Dr. Arpad Fejos, a physiatrist at Orthopedic Association of Middletown, has been very successful using radiofrequency ablation, a new minimally invasive technique that has the possibility of reducing chronic knee pain without injections or surgery. “I pinpoint their problem and help them control their pain without drug dependency,” says Dr. Fejos. “That’s my goal. People need to live full, active lives. They deserve nothing less.” Read More...

Local Leader For Leading Edge Non-Surgical Treatment Of Chronic Knee Pain

Trust, Confidence & Compassion: A Surgical Patients Experience

"Dr. Hicks was always there for me. Always calm. Always reassuring."
- Renee Young, Patient

As a pharmacist, Renee Young deals with pain every day, dispensing medication to customers suffering a variety of ailments. Clearly she appreciates being one vital link in the chain of professionals whose work results in relief for so many people.

When she became the one in pain, the importance of all the other vital links became clearer than ever. Always active at work—bending down to reach some shelves, reaching up to get to others, dashing from one end of the pharmacy to the other—one day Renee felt the need to lie down on the floor because of severe back pain. Read More...

Trust, Confidence & Compassion: A Surgical Patients Experience

When Giving Your All Is Cut Short By Pain, Dr Kuhn at OAM Finds a Way to Get It Back

"Dr. Kuhn knew exactly what to do!” says a grateful martial arts enthusiast"
- Karen Jones, Patient

For half of her life, Karen Jones more or less had to learn to live with knee pain. Clearly, this was not an optimum situation for someone with a passion for martial arts.

Karen, now 64-years-old, has engaged in strenuous physical activities for about 30 years, the last 15 practicing Chung Do Kwan (a version of Tae Kwon Do). Her goal of winning a black belt started to become a distant hope due to her continuing and debilitating pain. In addition to her knees, her hips were also starting to give her steady discomfort. Read More...

When Giving Your All Is Cut Short By Pain, Dr Kuhn at OAM Finds a Way to Get It Back

Energetic Lives Often Require Skilled Orthopedic Intervention

"Dr. Geist explains everything to me, He always makes sure that he is extremely clear on what he plans to do. If I don’t understand something, he explains it to me in a way that’s completely clear."
-Greg Bereski, Patient

Greg Bereski, an active athlete, has been a patient of Dr. Robert Geist at Orthopedic Associates of Middletown for many years—or as Greg might put it, for many injuries. “He has put me back together several times,” he says about Dr. Geist, a specialist in workers’ comp, sports medicine, and arthroscopic surgery who Greg has had on his recovery ‘team’ since the late 1990s.

Energetic Lives Often Require Skilled Orthopedic Intervention

Special Bonds Between Surgeons and Patients: A Strength at OAM

"He explained everything to me and had an incredible bedside manner"
- Karen Clark, Patient

When Karen Clark was running six months ago as part of her regular health-centered regimen, she had no idea that one of the roads she would soon turn onto would be the road to recovery. During her run that day, Karen twisted her ankle seriously enough to prompt a visit to OAM’s URGENTOrtho team....

Sports Medicine Specialist at OAM Gives a Patient Back Her Passion

Sports Medicine Specialist at OAM Gives a Patient Back Her Passion.

"Dr. Kuhn did everything he could to make my recovery a successful one and allowed me my moment of victory!"
- Heather Petit, Patient

Heather Petit is back on the slopes—and for that she thanks Dr. Michael Kuhn of Orthopedic Associates of Middletown.

Last year, Heather, an avid skier, had an accident on the slopes that shredded one of her knees, a situation exacerbated by the fact that she already suffered from a lung condition that affected her weight and breathing at the time - Both of which have improved. After the accident—which occurred after a nervous beginner skier required a jump off the chairlift for Heather—her knee remained swollen for weeks...

Sports Medicine Specialist at OAM Gives a Patient Back Her Passion

A Patient's Experience.
Surgical Skill is Only Half the Story.

"Dr. Hicks gave me my life back!" - Erika Haynes, Patient

While all physicians listen to their patients, it takes a special character trait to truly hear them, according to orthopedic spine surgeon Dr. Alfred K. Hicks. The difference is in the way confidence and understanding are developed between doctor and patient. "My overriding goal is to establish complete trust and solid communication with each of my patients, and to then help them heal," says Dr. Hicks, who joined Orthopedic Associates of Middletown in the summer of 2015. "I want them to get back to what they love to do as quickly as they can."

A Patient's Experience. Surgical Skill is Only Half the Story.

Dr. Hicks made both me and my wife feel very comfortable. We just could never say enough wonderful things about him. Dr. Hicks truly did transform my life!

- Ed and Deb Calamari of Chester

Six and half years ago I had spinal fusion surgery on three discs in my lower back. The surgery was done at St. Raphael’s in New Haven because my surgeons at the time worked out of that hospital. I was out of work for three months after the surgery. They told me that eventually the next disc up would need to be fused.

About two years ago I began having excruciating pain once again in my back. I couldn’t go back to the surgeons who performed my first surgery because one of them had retired and the other one moved to Texas. I decided that if I needed to have surgery, which I was pretty sure I did, that I wanted to try to have it done at Middlesex Hospital because I live in Chester. Both my wife and I no longer wanted to drive to New Haven for appointments.

I couldn’t take the pain any longer! My wife started searching the internet in January, 2016 to find an orthopedic surgeon who specialized in spines who worked out of Middlesex Hospital. She came across Dr. Alfred Hicks. He joined Orthopedic Associates of Middletown in August, 2015. He had an unbelievable resume! We were impressed that he had served as a surgeon in Iraq and Afghanistan and also did a Fellowship at the Norton Leatherman Spine Institute in Louisville, KY.

Skill, Empathy & Accountability: The Building Blocks of Good Reputations and Even Better Outcomes.

"I would recommend OAM and Dr. Naujoks to anyone, for any orthopedic issue or problem." - Megan Aubrey, Patient

There are three key values, consistently demonstrated by the specialists at Orthopedics Associates of Middletown, that have patients responding with the greatest appreciation for what has been done for them. Those values are surgical skill, patient-focused empathy, and a relentless devotion to accountability for the outcomes being sought.

A Patient's Experience. Surgical Skill is Only Half the Story.

Repairing Finger Damage. Concert Pianist Plays Again.

“A couple of years ago I was silly enough to stick my hand in a snow blower which, though turned off, had enough spring on the belts to grab my right hand and nearly sever two fingers. My local ambulance crew took me to Hartford Hospital's ER, where the surgeon on duty (this was a Thanksgiving Day morning!) had the wit to call Dr. Naujoks on his cell phone. The two of them managed to stabilize the fingers -- a triumph of modern technology and caring physicians -- and a few days later I went to Orthopedic Associates of Middletown, where Dr. Naujoks was able -- with the aid of four tiny pins and what must have been terrific concentration -- to piece the bits (what should have been two bones were in a total of 13 little pieces) back together and re-establish enough circulation that, with time, the fingers healed so that they look almost normal.

What is most important is that I was a concert pianist. Dr. Naujoks did such a fantastic job that after about six months I was able to play again, and after a year I was very nearly back to where I had been. Now, after two years, you would be hard pressed to hear that there had ever been a problem.”

- Jamie Hall