A Joint Effort in Getting Patients Back to the Activities They Love

January 19, 2016

"I like to find out what's important to my patients." - Dr. Thomas Larson

The doctor describes himself as someone who is "mechanically minded." So it should come as no surprise to hear that Dr. Thomas Larson is not only an orthopedic surgeon, but one who also has a special interest in joint replacement of the hip, knee and shoulder; partial knee replacement; resurfacing of the hip and shoulder; and arthroscopy of the knee and shoulder.

Dr. Larson's enthusiasm for his practice, and the advances made in orthopedic surgery is evident.

"I think one of the greatest developments is our ability to offer outpatient surgery," he says. "Patients can actually have their surgery and go home the same day. We have better post-operative pain control options and technology that allows us to make smaller incisions, and incur faster recover times."

As an orthopedic surgeon with decades of experience, Dr. Larson remains on the forefront of surgical state-of-the-art procedures. One of his specialties is the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing, a surgical alternative to total hip replacement. He describes it as "a great option for active, younger adults who suffer from hip arthritis. BHR lasts longer than a traditional hip replacement, and has fewer activity restrictions after the surgery."

Dr. Larson is keenly aware of the integral connection between doctor and patient. An avid snowboarder, Larson has an empathetic perspective toward learning about the activities that a patient once enjoyed.

"As a surgeon, it's important to me that I get to know the person I'm operating on - finding out what's important to them, and how their condition or injury has affected their life. One of the more rewarding aspects of my job is working on a plan that will help them get back to their former activities and lifestyle as quickly as possible."

Why Orthopedic Associates of Middletown? In a word, people. "I was interested in joining this practice because of the people and doctors who are in it. There is a special sense of camaraderie that exists between all the providers here." Dr. Larson and his wife have been Connecticut residents for 11 years. In his spare time, he enjoys golf, cooking, travel, and snowboarding at Butternut Mountain in Massachusetts.

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