Advanced Treatment from Injuries to Arthritis. A Commitment to Total Care from Head to Toe.

March 14, 2016

"I feel rewarded every day by treating the patients I serve." - Dr. Terry Reardon

A fitting path to a career in sports medicine is by starting the journey as an athlete. That's certainly true for Dr. Terry Reardon, recent recipient of Connecticut Magazine Top Docs 2016.

"I've been involved in sports my whole life," he explains. "I played ice hockey, football, and baseball. Naturally, there were times when I got injured. I was fascinated by the experiences I had with my orthopedists, and I always knew my focus would be sports medicine."

Today, Dr. Reardon specializes in advanced arthroscopic techniques related to sports medicine, such as rotator cuff repairs. He has extensive experience with joint reconstruction and replacement of the shoulder, knee and hip, including partial knee replacements and minimally invasive hip replacement. He's also one of the only doctors in Connecticut who performs the Oxford partial knee replacement. "With Oxford, we can preserve the healthy bone, cartilage and ligaments of the remainder of the knee." Says Reardon. "I enjoy offering my patients different options, and I'm consistently learning new treatment techniques."

Dr. Reardon was raised with a traditional New England work ethic. As a child, he had many jobs, including selling books door-to-door. "I got a great deal of satisfaction from being deeply committed to a job and the people I served." He says. It then comes as no surprise that he takes extreme pride in fostering doctor-patient relationships. "I listen to my patients and make sure we understand what we want to accomplish. I take the patient's injury and how it's affecting their life just as seriously as they do."

Dr. Reardon joined Orthopedic Associates of Middletown in 1994. "We are an encouraging, collaborative group," he says. "And I like that we can offer patients a complete set of services, like fluoroscopy, injections, and X-Ray, all under one roof".

In his 21 year tenure, Dr. Reardon has earned recognition awards as Top Doctor, Patient's Top Choice, and Compassionate Doctor. "I'm now seeing the full family progression of patients from young to adult." He explains "You know you're doing something right, if you have the kids of kids coming in to see you!"

Dr. Reardon is married, and has three children and four dogs. He enjoys exercising, traveling with his family and always finds the time for mountain biking.

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